Welcome to this page. There are some things here that a lot of folks think are really cool. You can get not only my resume, but also movie sounds, jokes, personal data about me, and some other weird stuff. I can be found spending time with my kids, playing with computers, networking, or my stereo/TV.
Find out more about me and some pics on my personal page.
I have also done some digitizing of sound clips from my favorite movies. You can find sounds from Ghostbusters, Princess Bride, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Monty Python, Star Wars (even the Phantom Menace!), Star Trek and some others. There used to be Simpsons, but they cracked down on us, so you can't get them off of the Internet, unless...
Find them all on the Sound Archive page.
I work for the Utah Department of Technology Services as an electronics form developer, after stints at Deloitte Consulting and ProTechnology Automation. I finished an MBA at Marriott School of BYU in 1999. I got my undergraduate there also in Electronics Engineering. Should you be interested my services, the details of my employment history are on my resume.
I am into several fun things like skiing and mountain biking. Here's a bunch of other fun things too:
Camarillo's weather.
My zany Mad Cow Page
E-mail humor archive
Meet my Extended Family

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