Jokes from E-mail
If you are anything like me, then you receive volumes and volumes of humor over E-mail. I get at least ten per week. They are just building up in mountains on my hard drive. Well, I decided what I would do with them is upload them all, so if you happened to have missed or deleted a keeper, you can come get it here. That way, I can fill up the web server's hard drive instead of mine! I am thinking that these are only the clean ones, but I may not be perfect. Let me know if any of these are too crude for you and I will look into it.

Generally Funny
Brain damage quiz
Clinton sends Vowels to Bosnia
Pigs for Chelsea and Hillary
Why ask why?
Life's questions
Husband on death bed
Dan Quayle Quotes
Dumb warning labels
Throw the tie down the mine
Humor of JFK
18 Things that you learn from action movies
Lawyer Jokes
How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?
Itemized Cow Purchase
Job Rejection letter
Entrance exam for NM State Basketball players
The Golfing frog
College App essay
OJ Holds up traffic
You know you were born in Utah County if...
The Vampire bat
Y.O.D.A. (Village People)
Put an X on the boat
Project phases
Humorus answering machine messages
Actual Classified Ads
Secret Fruitcake Recipe
The Lawyer and the Maid
The World according to student bloopers
New Theories in Physics
Quotable Quotes
Useful phrases to know when traveling in Moslem countries
The Scientist, Poet and $5
The Swede and the duck
The night before Christmas in Brooklyn

Church Related
Actual church announcements
Vote for Hell
The Wayside Chapel
Monks Chanting
Two delinquent boys and the priest
The Book of Lemuel-Really only funny for Mormons
The High councilor, RS Pres and the Quorum Pres-Really only funny for Mormons
The Sunbeams-Really only funny for Mormons

Men and Women
The five toughest questions women ask men
How dogs are better than women
The rules for men and women
Rita Rudner's facts on men
How to get rid of dates
Upgrade your woman version
The science of selecting a male's clothes
Ackronyms for men
Excerpt from a 1956 home econ textbook
Dave Barry on Relationships

Techie Humor
You may be an engineer if...
One line signature files
Computers as types of aiplanes
Computers problem report form
Computers as types of chicken
Computers as types of beer
Computer Vocabulary
From Billy's mother
If Microsoft made cars
Microsoft aquires catholic church
The top 11 things the 95 in Windows 95 really means
Microsoft, the next generation
New computer virii

Last modified November 23, 2001
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Prepared by Dayl Brinkman