On his death bed

An 80 year old man was lying in bed dying. The doctor said he had
minutes to live. His first and only wife was by his bedside to
hear his last words:

"Honey, do you remember how when we got married, I was a cheerful,
handsome, wealthy man? But soon after we were married, I lost all
my money on bad investments. Never-the-less, you stayed with me the
whole time.

Then my first business went bankrupt, and we lost everything we had.
You didn't leave me. You were right by my side the whole time.

And now I've had a long sickness, which has used up all our savings.
I'm a wrinkled, grouchy. old, poverty-stricken, dying man.
You're still by my side!

So with my dying breath, I just want to say three little words to you:...
(With his dying breath)


Last modified November 23, 2001
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