Humor of President John F. Kennedy
During the campaign he was asked by a teen-ager in Ashland, Wiscounsin, how he became a hero. He said: "It was involuntary. They sank my boat."

An attorney wrote in to the effect that Robert Kennedy, thanks to his racket-busting activities, would make a better President. Kennedy replied: "I have consulted Bobby about it, to my dismay, the idea appeals to him.

Early in his political career young Jack Kennedy began a speech with a joke. He said: "I was almost late here today, but I had a very good taxi driver who brought me through the traffic jam. I was going to give him a very large tip and tell him to vote Democratic and then I remembered some advice Senator Green had given me, so I gave him no top at all and told him to vote Republican.

At a $100-a-plate luncheon in Denver: "I could say I am deeply rouched, but not as deeply touched as you have been in coming to this luncheon.

To the Bureau of Advertising of the American Newspaper Publishers Association in the Waldorf, the President spoke as follows: " ... Nor finally are the remarks intended to examine the proper degree of privacy which the press should allow to any President and his family. If in the last few months your White House reporters and photographers have been attending church services with regularity, that has surely done them no harm. On the other hand I realize that staff and wire service photographers may be complaining that they do not enjoy the same greens privileges at the local golf courses which they once did. It is true that my predecessor did not object as I do to pictures of one's golfing skill in action, but neither on the other hand did he ever bean a Secret Service man.

He told a good-humored story on himself and two other aspirants, Senators Lyndon Johnson and Stuart Symington, at the Gridiron Club dinner: 'I dreamed about 1960 myself the other night and I told Stuart Symington and Lyndon Johnson about it in the cloakroom yesterday. I told them how the Lord came into my bedroom, annointed my head and said, "John Kennedy, I hereby appoint you President of the United States." Stuart Symington said, "That's strange, Jack, because I too had a similar dream last night in which the Lord annointed me and declared me, Stuart Symington, President of the United States and Outer-Space." Lyndon Johnson said, "That's very interesting, gentlemen, because I too had a similar dream last night and I don't remember annointing either of you."'

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