At the construction site, there's an Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman working together. Come lunchtime,they sit on a ledge and unwrap their sandwiches.

Upon doing this, the Englishman exclaims, "Darn, not ham again! Next time I get ham, I'm gonna jump right off this ledge!"

The Scotsman unwraps his, and says "Darn, not cheddar again! Next time she fixes me cheddar, I'm gonna jump off, too!"

The Irishman unwraps his and says, "Darn, not pastrami again, next time I'm jumping, too." The next day at lunchtime they unwrap their sandwiches and sure enough, the same fillings! "Oh that terrible ham again!" says the Englishman, and jumps to his death.

"Oh no, cheddar again!" says the Scotsman and jumps. "Pastrami again!" says the down-rodden Irishman and also jumps to his death.

Come the day of the funeral, the Englishman and Scotsman's wives are bawling their eyes out, crying, screaming etc. "Oh, if I only knew you didn't like ham/cheddar, if I only knew, my beloved."

The Irishman's wife is impassive, does not shed a tear, looks not a bit worried. So the other two wives ask her, "Why are you not grieving? You did lose your husband, didn't you? Not even a tear?"

"Oh, I'm noy crying over him, he was a darn fool," says the Irishman's wife. "He always fixed his sandwiches himself!"

Last modified November 23, 2001
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