Welcome to this page. There are some things here that a lot of folks think are really cool. You can get not only my resume, but also movie sounds, jokes, personal data about me, and some other weird stuff. I can be found spending time with my kids, playing with computers, networking, or my stereo/TV.
Find out more about me and some pics on my personal page.
I have also done some digitizing of sound clips from my favorite movies. You can find sounds from Ghostbusters, Princess Bride, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Monty Python, Star Wars, Star Trek and some others.
Find them all on the Sound Archive page.
I work for the Utah Department of Technology Services as an electronics form developer, after stints at Deloitte Consulting and ProTechnology Automation. I finished an MBA at Marriott School of BYU in 1999. I got my undergraduate there also in Electronics Engineering. Should you be interested my services, the details of my employment history are on my resume.
I am into several fun things like skiing and mountain biking. Here's a bunch of other fun things too:
Camarillo's weather.
My zany Mad Cow Page
E-mail humor archive
Meet my Extended Family

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